About DEI

Q: What is DEI?

A: It stands for diversity, equity and inclusion, and is a term used to describe a workplace training format. DEI training encourages knowledge of fellow employees’ identities and how to navigate diversity in an organization. Read more here.

Q: Why would an organization want to explore DEI?

A: Study after study has shown that effective DEI work is critical to an organization’s bottom line. It’s key to competing for talent, generating innovation and being recognized as a great place to work. Companies that exhibit gender and ethnic diversity are respectively 15% and 35% more likely to outperform less diverse peers, according to McKinsey & Co. And three in four job seekers and employees value diverse companies, according to Glassdoor’s Diversity and Inclusion Workplace Survey.

Q: Where can I get general information about DEI, or recommended reading/viewing material?

About our Learning Series

Q: How do I join the Learning Series?

Q: What are the cost savings of being a Sponsor or Subscriber?

Q: What are the Sponsor and Subscriber benefits?

A: From reserved seats at our Learning Series to consulting hours and academic credit, see Sponsor benefits, Subscriber benefits and Overall benefits, as well as Consulting services.

Q: How many people can I sign up?

A: As a Sponsor, you’re allocated a certain block of seats specified by the Sponsorship level you choose. You can of course exceed this limit for a certain (discounted) price per seat. This also applies to Subscribers. But anyone, even if they have not opted to be a Sponsor or Subscriber, can sign on for any number of seats, here.  

Q: How do I register for a single session?

Q: Is it true you hold free events too?

A: Yes, as a nonprofit we consider it important to offer free public learning sessions. Read about our twice-yearly community events here. 

Q: How are the Session topics chosen?

A: The ISDI staff collaborates with Sponsors’ and Subscribers’ designated DEI and HR leaders during two annual planning sessions. Having influence on the Series’ topics is one of many benefits that Sponsors and Subscribers enjoy; it’s also win/win for us.

Q: How long has the Series been running?

A: Since 1998. That makes us a pioneer in the industry, and it makes 2023 our 25th anniversary year.

Q: How did the Series get started?

A: Read our history and peruse our past Sessions.

Q: Do you accept donations, are they tax-deductible and where does the money go?

A: As a nonprofit, charitable organization, yes, we gratefully accept tax-deductible donations. Click here to donate today.

Q: I don’t belong to a company that is a Sponsor or Subscriber, and I have limited funds, but am interested in attending a Learning Session. Can I afford it?

A: Special rates are available for individuals and self-employed people, nonprofits, educators, tribal groups and unemployed people. 

Q: I have accessibility issues. Does the Learning Series accommodate people like me?

A: Every Learning Session has a certified American Sign Language interpreter, and these professionals can be brought in on request for our other events, as well. Meanwhile, our website, social media (alt text) and After-Session Resources strive to be at the forefront in accommodating anyone with accessibility issues. Let us know if we can do more! 

Q: How are the presenters selected?

A: ISDI staff select presenters for our Learning Series, professional development presentations and community events, typically in late fall for the coming season.

Q: How can I apply to be a presenter for one of your Sessions?

A: Send your resume and cover letter to isdi.admin@i4sdi.org.

“Working with the ISDI team was amazing. They were helpful to ensure the technology went smoothly and I felt supported in all of the steps up to the workshop date, which allowed for me to feel at ease the day I presented. It was an honor to work with this group.”
Jennie Marie Duran,

presenter of “Untold Stories: Surmounting the Disinformation of Native American Legacies.”

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