NW Diversity Learning Series

Engaging hearts, educating minds, motivating change

Twenty-five years ago, co-founders Barbara Deane, Carlos Gil and Susan Adler Funk invited companies and organizations in the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area to join together to learn how to better manage and leverage diversity. That collaboration became the NW Diversity Learning Series. Every other month since, employees, managers and leaders from a spectrum of organizations have assembled in morning workshops to learn how to be more effective with their diverse colleagues and customers, and how to create more inclusive, equitable work environments.

The Learning Series offers workshops on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) applied to the workplace for managers and employees of companies, non-profits, government agencies and educational institutions. It’s also popular with students studying DEI and human resources.

Our sought-after, affordable, six-times-yearly workshops provide relevant, substantive, thought-leading and cost-effective educational programming on DEI for leaders and their employees. Led by world-class presenters and thought leaders, they offer virtual (for now) delivery of powerful, impactful and results-driven sessions.

Number of Learning Series attendees served annually: more than 950 in 2022

Number of Learning Series attendees served since 2015: more than 15,000!

Number of Sponsors and Subscribers: more than 30 organizations including Nordstrom, Boeing, Starbucks, Port of Seattle, Compass Health, Alaska Airlines, Smartsheet, City of Seattle-HR, University of Washington Foster School of Business, Brooks Running and many others.

Read a more detailed history of the launch of the NW Diversity Learning Series here.

What people are saying about our series

As a professional non-profit fundraiser, and a Naval Academy-trained leader, I have long valued the kind of diversity, equity and inclusion training that programs like NWDLS offer. DEI education is not only the right thing to do in order to treat others well and undo past harm, but it’s a win-win. It makes everyone better. No organization today–government, for-profit or non-profit–can be successful without it.”

Matt Gill

Fundraising Leader, Veritus Group & University of Minnesota

“I was working in health research facilitation when I fell ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Perhaps I could have returned to a traditional job if I’d applied where disabilities were accommodated. Instead, I now counsel individuals with CFS and long-COVID (the latter worryingly fast-growing), two very similar conditions. One of my pieces of advice to clients? Look for firms where the DEI leadership proactively grasps and trains its staff to accommodate those of us who still have so much to offer.”  

Lindsay B. Vine

“As a start-up pushing past boundaries in science and healthcare, we’re international, multidisciplinary and – of course – diverse. So, training in diversity, equity and inclusion is a no-brainer and a clear hiring advantage as we grow. The Northwest Diversity Learning Series is a longstanding, reputable and efficient way to achieve this training.”

Peter Rahfeld

Chief Scientific Officer